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        The 2018 Zhengzhou.“Intelligence Lake (Longzi Lake) Rowing Club Regatta Rules
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        The 2018 Zhengzhou.“Intelligence Lake (Longzi Lake)

        Rowing Club Regatta



        一、Title of the Regatta:

        The 2018 Zhengzhou.“Intelligence Lake

         (Longzi Lake) Rowing Club Regatta

        二、Time and Place

        Time: 20-21.Otc.2018

        Place:Longzi Lake.Zhengdong New District .Zhengzhou


        Henan Provincial Sports Bureau

        Henan Educational Administration

        四、Exective Organizers

            Henan Water Sports Administration Center

            Zhengzhou Sports Bureau

        Management Committee of Zhengdong New District

        The Administrative Committee for Big Data Pilot Zone of Intelligent Island

        Zhengzhou Zhengdong New District Water Bureau

        五、Assistant Organizers

        Culture and Education Science Bureau of Management Committee of Zhengdong new District

        Zhengzhou Zhengdong New District Rowing Association

        Zhengzhou Fenghe Sports Culture Ltd.Co 

        六、 Support Organizers

        The local maritime bureau of Zhengzhou City

        Zhengzhou Zhengdong New Area Boxue Road Office

        Henan Donglong Holdings Limited



        1. 各學校隊伍


        八、Competition Event
























        Round the Lake Races 4.9kms

        九、Registration to the Regatta

        Teams submit the application form with the seal of the organization in charge of the club/team.

        Each team is composed with N rowers according race items,,1 coach,and 1 team leader, 2 substitutes for 8+.

        All the team numbers must be healthy and be able to swim.the team leader shoule be fully responsible for the safety of his/her team members.

        The coxswain is one of the rewing team members.the minim weight of the coxswain cannot be lower than 55 kilos.if his/her weight is lower than that,the team must add some item to make up the gap.Coxswain can be either man or woman.

        Teams submit the application form with the seal of the organization in charge of the club/team.Personal registration not be accepted.

        Pls send application form to E-mail:yyll8@163.com.


        ). Requirements

        1)A vilid identity card or a certificate of participation is required for the competition.

        All the contestants after successful registration with a valid ID card or the competition entries, and showing to the Organizing Committee in the enroller.

         All the teams participating in the water project competition must be confirmed by the sponsor.

        2)Contestants need to be able to save themselves.

        All the team numbers must be healthy and be able to swim more than 200meters.

        The team leader should be fully responsible for the safety of his/her team members and ensure all of them have bought insurance.

        Pls remember sign security promise with organizing committee  before the race.

        3)The registration of each team shall not be changed in principle. After confirmation, if it does not participate, it will be regarded as abstaining.

        The team in Sep 30th before the specific entry personnel replacement and timely inform the organizing committee shall not replace the spot registration contestants.        

        After overdue, please inform the Organizing Committee in time, if special circumstances need to be replaced, and the organizing committee will decide whether to replace it in accordance with the rules of the competition.

        十、 Methods of the Regatta

        (一)The competition follows the detailed rules specially made for this regatta in accordance with the rules formulated by international rowing federation.

        (二Organization committee supply boats(the boats will be allocated to each tea by lottery).

        The clothes of the rowers is the same boat must be unified.

        Before the 300m sprint competition,each boat will be allocated a channel by lottery and class rank decide the channel of lake chasing races.

        “Attention ,Go!”is the signal to start the competition.

         (六)During the competition,each boat must keep rowing in its own channel.if the oar of one boat disturbs the padding of an other boat,the referee has the tight to responsible boat cann’t resume paddling until the order of the channels return on normal.

        No preliminary contest,each group of participants must be registration before the regatta starting 30mins.meanwhile,receive the channel card.

        If the mumber of the group is absent or insufficient to participate in the competition,the referee disposes the team by automatic waiver.

        (八Other Notes。

        1)When the Organizing Committee announced the start of the race, each team into the leading ship area and launching the pier, must obey the command of the operation, according to the specified route and route to paddle, sail on standby point.

        2)The game runs, each Boat Regatta without stop, until it reaches the end point. In addition to the decision of the referee, all the teams in each game draw the end of the race for the end of the game.

        3)Due to a limited number of participating sport boat, boat arrived at the end point in the sprint, should be back to shore, to ensure the smooth progress of the work competition.


        The referees are selected by Henan rowing association.

        十二、The Boat of the Jury

        The members and the scope of power will be decided by the rules of the board of the jury.

        十三、 Placing and Rewards

        1.The organizing committee will award “winning cups”to the first place,the second place and the third place.

        2.Each contestant will receive a unified souvenir from the organizing committee.

        Notes:Bonus awards are not set in this regatta.

        十四、Enroll and Registering


        According to the rules of competition, each entry unit will fill out the registration form in the form of team or club and provide team photos and team introduce ,pls send those docs to yyll8@163.com.

        2.Registering time。

        All teams are requested to arrive in Zhengzhou on Oct 19th and debugging and warming-up in the afternoo of the same day.

        Cconnect person:Jing Chow

        聯系方式:13526596839 、15038161113


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